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Monday, 12 November 2018
Albanian (official selection - TIFF 2011)
A special friend

Director: Aldi Karaj

Title in English: A special friend
Original title: Një mike e veçantë

2011/ Albania/ HD/ 8’41’’/ Fiction/ Colour


Director: Julian Canameti

Titulli shqip: Dulja
Title in English: Dulja

2010/ Albania/ HDV/ 04’19’’/ Documentary/ Colour

For you

Director: Eduart Fisheku

Title in English: For you
Original title: Për ju

2011/ Albania/ DVD/ 7’/ Documentary/ Colour


Director: Kast Hasa

Title in English: Home
Original title: Home

2011/ USA/ DVCAM/ 13’07’’/ Fiction

Love in morgue

Director:  Eros Dibra

Title in English: Love in morgue
Original title: Dashuri ne morg

2011/ Albania/ 18’23’’/ Fiction/ Colour

Stones Water

Director: Ervin Kotori

Title in English: Stones Water
Original title: Gurë ujë

2010/Albania/ 16/9 HDV/ 18’/ Fiction/ Colour

The last Coffee

Director:  Vasjan Lami

Title in English: The last Coffee
Original title: Kafeja e fundit     

2011/  Albania/ HD/ 11’36’’/ Fiction/ colour

The Promise of Constantine

Director:  Marvina Çela

Title in English: The Promise of Constantine
Original title:  Besa e Kostandinit     

2011/ Albania/ HD/ 6’/ Animation/ Colour

Time for a choice

Director: Soena Lame

Title in English: Time for a choice
Original title: Kohë zgjedhjesh

2010/Albania/ 16/9 HDV/ 17’/ Fiction/ Colour


Director: Rudi Prifti

Title in English: Amateur
Original title: Amateur

2011/ Albania/ AVCHD/ 8’44’’/ Experimental/ B&W


Director: Gledis Bica

Title in English: Father
Original title: Baba

2011/Kosova/ 16/9 HDV/ 21’/ Fiction/ Colour

Gelqere Kruje

Director:  Arjan Taga

Title in English:
Original title:  Gelqere Kruje

2011/ Albania/ 10’40’’/ Documentary/ Colour

I'm happy that albanians likes sculpture

Director: Stefan Capaliku& Florian Haxhihyseni

Title in English: I'm happy that albanians likes sculpture
Original title: Gezohem qe shqiptaret e pelqejne skulpturen

2011/ Albania/ HD/ 30’/ Documentary/ Colour


Director:  Gentian Koçi

Title in English: Revenge
Original title: Revansh     

2008/ Albania/ 14’25’’/ Documentary/ Colour- B&W

The elevator

Director: Burbuqe Berisha

Title in English: The elevator
Original title: Ashensori

2010/ Kosova/ 27’/ Fiction/ Colour

The last journey

Director:  Elis Gjoni

Title in English: The last journey
Original title: Udhëtimi i fundit     

2011/  Albania/ HD/ 7’13’’/ Fiction/ colour

The red joker

Director: Gentian Kurti

Titulli shqip: The red joker
Title in English: Xholi i kuq

2011/ Albania/ MiniDv/ 10’/ Fiction/ Colour

Toward the game

Director: Ejona Abasi

Title in English: Toward the game
Original title: Drejt lojës

2011/Albania/ HDV/ 4’11’’/ Fiction/ Colour

Children's Barracks

Director: Spiros Lena

Title in English: Children's Barracks
Original title: Kazerma e femijve

2011/Albania/ HD/ 9’/ Fiction/ Colour

For my mother

Director: Dritan Mesareja

Titulli shqip: Për nënën time
Title in English: For my mother

2011/ Albania/ MiniDv/ 19’15’’/ Experimental- Fiction/ Colour

God’s Gift

Director: Çlirim Uksana

Title in English: God’s Gift
Original title: Dhurata e Zotit      

2011/ Kosova/ 7’/ Fiction/ Colour

Lena and me

Director: Blerta Basholli

Title in English: Lena and me
Original title: Lena dhe unë

2010/ USA/ 16mm/ 15’/ Fiction/ Colour

Rustem the Caretaker

Director: Faton Bajraktari

Title in English: Rustem the Caretaker
Original title: Administratori

2010/ Albania/ MiniDv/ 7’/ Fiction/ Colour

The hole ahead

Director: Emiljo Leka

Title in English: The hole ahead
Original title: Vrima përballë

2011/ Albania/ 16/9 DV-PAL/ 14’18’’/ Fiction/ Colour

The news

Director: Fatjon Xhika

Titulli shqip: The news
Title in English: Lajmi

2011/ Albania/ 16:09/ 14’40’’/ Fiction/ Colour

The shoemaker

Director: Artan Korenica

Title in English: The shoemaker
Original title: Këpucëtari

2011/Kosova/ HD/ 25’/ Fiction/ Colour


Director: Faton Bajraktari

Title in English: War
Original title: Lufta

2011/Kosova/ HD/ 27’/ Fiction/ Colour


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