Director: Santeri Mäkinen

Englisht title:  Lives
Original title:   Lives

2012/ Finland/ DVD/ 18’/ Documentary/ Black&White

Script: Santeri Mäkinen;   Photography: Otso Ahosola, Markus Laitinen; Editing:  Eero Lehtinen;  Animation:  Simo Pitkänen; Music:  Aki Silventoinen; Sound: Aki Silventoinen;  Leading actors:  Hannu Nyberg; Producer: Metropolia Film School / Arto Tuohimaa

Is Elvis Presley dead? Or did he just stage his own death? His death is filled with mysteries, so it isn’t any wonder that many of his fans still think he lives. Why is his name misspelled in his gravestone? Why aren’t we sure where and when his body was found? Is there only a waxdoll in his casket? Did Elvis write in his own death certificate? Hannu Nyberg, a Finnish Rock journalist, has researched the subject and tries to answer that classic question: Is Elvis alive?

Lives is Santeri Mäkinen's first short film.


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