The outlaw

Director: Aldi Karaj

Englisht title:  The outlaw

Original title: I jashtëligjshmi

2014/ Albania/ HD/ 20’/ Fiction/ Color


You know that nice feeling when you get the news from your wife that she is pregnant? What if at the same time the door rings, before you is a 3 years old child, at that moment you understand that hi is your son?!  How would you react?!!



Born In Tirana Albania. 21.11.1989 Studied Painting & Photography on Artistic Lice of Tirana. Finished the Academy of Arts In Tirana Albania for Film &Tv Director on 2012. Creator of "AK Filmwork" Production Studio. Participated on several film festival & competitions like: Dok Fest Munchen, Tirana International Film Fest, Durres International film fest, Skopje film festival, LLapi film fest, Balkan Beyond Borders, ect. “Gjethjafundit (Short Film) 2010”, “Një Mike vecantë (Short Film) 2010”, “Buka e Gurit (Short Doc) 2011”, “Jetanënkosto (Short Doc) 2011”, “Saturday Cigarettes (Short Film) 2012”, "I Jashtligjshmi (Short Film) 2014"


Script:   Aldi Karaj; Editing: Aldi Karaj; Music: Elton Koçi; Sound:  Endri Pine; Leading actors: Gazmend Paja, Eva Murati, Emanuela Caka, Arsi Zacelici, Artna Malo, Jualian Canameti, Ervin Coba, Lul Cani;  Producer:


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