Director:  Ihor Podolchak
Englisht title:  Delirium
Original title:  Delirium
2012/ Ukraine/ HD/ 96’/ Fiction/ Colour

Script: Ihor Podolchak;   Photography: Mykola Yefymenko;    Editing:   Ihor Podolchak; Music:   Oleksandr Shchetynsky; Sound: Myroslav Kuvaldin;   Leading actors:   Volodymyr Khimyak, Lesya Voynevych, Petro Rybka, Olha Horbach, Olha Bakus, Ivan Kostenko, Vasyl Kostenko; Producer:  Ihor Podolchak


A family asks a young psychiatrist to be their guest for a while and help look after their father who’s developed a suicidal fixation for ropes and knots among other things. It is also entirely possible that the mental health of the guest that is the real cause for concern.

Born, 1962 in Lviv, Ukraine. Graduated with distinction from the Lviv Academy of Fine Arts, 1984. Filmmaker, artist, creator of extensive projects in the field of visual art, laureate at 25 international art exhibitions. Among 24 personal exhibitions, one bears the distinction of being the first art exhibit ever to be held in space, aboard the Space Station Mir, in 1993. The artwork of Ihor Podolchak is housed in 26 museums and public collections worldwide. His feature film, “Las Meninas”, premiered at the “Tiger Award Competition” at the Rotterdam International Film Festival (2008).



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