Director: Robert Budina
Englisht title: Sunrise
Original title:  Agon
2012/ Albania/ 35mm/ 104’/ Fiction/ Colour


Script:  Robert Budina; Photography:  Marius Panduru;  Editing: Eugen Kelemen; Music: Aldo SHLLAKU; Sound: Vangelis Zelkas; Leading actors: Marvin Tafaj, Guljem Kototri, Isabella Kogevina, Xhevdet Jashari, Laert Vasili, Eglantina Cenomeri, Antonis Kafetzopulos;    Producer:  Sabina Kodra


Two Albanian brothers, Saimir and Vini, migrate to Greece and try, each in his own way, to integrate into their host country by following two different lifestyles, with no way of turning back.

Chicago IFF, Bari IFF, See a Paris, See Los Angeles, Bloody Hero Iff, Shagnghai IFF, St. Petersburg IFF, Balkan Film Fest Poland, Prishtina IFF, Festival d\'Essone IFF Best film & Best Male Actor in Bloody Hero IFF, Best screnplay in See a Paris.

Robert Budina was born in Korca, Albania, and work as an independent film producer and director. He was graduated in the Academy of Arts, Theater Directing. He has directed and written several theater plays. Together with Sabina Kodra formed ERAFILM PRODUCTION Company in 2001. He has produced documentaries and shorts, before producing Balkan Bazar feature comedy in 2009. Robert has also filed numerous roles as executive producer, supervisor production and assistant director in various international coo productions. \"Agon\" is his first feature film as director, after his short film \"Lulebore\" screened in 20 festivals all around the word and awarded in some of them.



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