Voice Over
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Director: Martin Rosete
Englisht title:  Voice Over
Original title:  Voice Over
2004/ Spain& France/ 10’/ Fiction/ Colour

I will not tell you whose voice over leads us through three extreme situaltions that are actually the same. Will you survive?

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Director: Asier Altuna
Englisht title:  Topeka
Original title: Topeka
2004/ Spain/ 4’/ Fiction

The men from a small village make a circle in the middle of the town square. In the middle of the circle a fight between two rams…

Ask for me
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Director: Begoña Vicario
Englisht title:  Ask for me
Original title:  Pregunta por mí
2008/ Spain/ 4’/ Animation

Winner of a Goya for Ask for me, and one of the representative figures of Basque experimental animation.

The first time
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Director: Borja Cobeaga
Englisht title:  The first time
Original title:  La primera vez
2001/ Spain/ 11’/ Fiction

Begoña is old and virgin. Closest her death, decides to hire a prostitute, Daniel, to satisfy her curiosity about sex.

The war
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Director: Luiso Berdejo & Jorge Dorado
Englisht title:  The war
Original title:  La guerr
2005/ Spain/ 8’/ Fiction

What makes this work special is the narrator in second person, because this is something that does not happen very often. That is why, since the beginning you feel anguish as you go under the child’s skin.

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