Tirana International Film Festival

The first International Festival in Albania for short film,
fiction, documentaries, animation and experimental

December 04 - 10, 2004
Deadline for entries
October 10, 2004


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TIFF 2004

Greeting remark by the
Minister of Culture,
Youth and Sports,

Blendi Klosi

Selected Films

Submitted Films



Dear Friends

The Selection Committee of Tirana International Film Festival after a very difficult and challenging process reached to compile the selected film list for the 2004 edition. 

104 films will be part of the competition for the Second Edition of Tirana International Film Festival 2004, taking place on 4-10 December in Tirana. 

In the diversity of the subjects dealt with and the artistic applied forms, we tried to find the group of films which better represents the 700 submitted films.

We may call it a difficult selection process because this year we met a very good level of films, thing that made much more difficult their selection. The fact, than many of the films not selected represent a high artistic level, justifies ever so little our difficult selection process and at the same time confirms the high level flow. 

Selection Committee


P  r  e  s  s   R  e  l  e  a  s  e 

FAMA Press Office 

Tirana International Film Festival Received Applications by 679 filmmakers from 63 world countries

Tirana International Film Festival 4-10 December 2004

While four years ago Albania had not a single theater room, the successful organization of the first Edition of International Film Festival in Tirana by the end of 2003, the first and unique in the Albanian cinematography, showed the world that even a small Europe’s country had the energy and fantasy to realize a competition of the world level.

The success of this Festival, organized by FAMA, came out to be a surprise both for the Albanian filmmakers and particularly for the foreign ones, establishing thereafter already affirmed parameters by cinema experts.

The local media and at the same time the international one, along with outstanding critics of the Seventh Art, would affirm in an undisputed way the success of the first edition in many articles published in newspapers, magazines and prestigious websites.

“Think different, See Alike”, will continue to be the motto of the Second Edition of Tirana Film Festival.


This year, Tirana International Film Festival will take place from 4-10 December, with the competition in the genre of the short film, including as well a special program of feature and documentary films.   

A record of 640 films from 62 countries of the world submitted their applications in the website from August 1 to October 10. The video tapes of the films, which are undergoing the selection phase, fall into the following categories; 305 fiction, 115 animation, 102 documentaries and 111 experimental.  According to the statistics that are found online in TIFF website, www.tiranafilmfest.com, most of the submitted films are a production of the last two years. With regard to this, TIFF 2004 could be considered among the most prestigious European Festivals of the short film which brings the most recent productions of the contemporary cinematography.

It is quite impressive the fact of a considerable participation of Italy with 79 films, the United States, Britain, Belgium, Spain, Germany, etc.

A quite satisfying interest has been observed this year from the Balkans, especially from Serbia and Montenegro, while the participation is at a low level from Greece.

In the meantime, this second edition includes also many other countries which are presented for the first time, like Brazil, Chile, Burkina Faso, Morocco, etc.

A special contribution in ensuring this extraordinary participation have played the international cinema institutions, such as Film Institutions, Film Commissions, associations as well as cultural and artistic foundations throughout the world.  A great appreciation for this festival is also the participation of many international prize-winning films. This has not stopped short the authors of these films from competing in the small and modest Tirana, in order to add to their artistic CV another competition to participate, considering its ambitious and reputable.

By the end of October we will publish the full list of the films due in competition.


During this year, TIFF has realized a very good collaboration with its partners, like Cork Film Festival, Sienna Film Festival, Warsaw Film Festival, Hamburg Film Festival, etc.

The assistance of these greatly experienced partners has consisted not only in making TIFF known in the world, but also in the very support they have provided so that Tirana Film Festival, as the only representative of Albania, be accepted as member of the European Coordination of Film Festivals (ECFF).  ECFF is an international body attached to the Brussels-based European Commission, which coordinates over 200 film festival actually taking place throughout Europe.


The five days of this event will offer about 100 films in competition. Screenings will be open for cinematographers, journalists, and students. The program will be repeated also for the public in city’s theaters. A special program, much more comprehensive than the last year, will be of special interest for the participants and the public. Well-known authors will for the first time have projected in the Albanian screens some of their masterpieces which make some of the peaks of the world cinema.

For the first time, Kosova will be presented with the best films in years by Kosovar authors.

The Film Schools from Belgium, Finland, Israel, Spain, Kosova, Iran, will introduce the public and particularly to the students the trends and cinematographic alternatives of this year


TIFF 2004 will issue the TIFF Tribune newspaper in two languages, Albanian and English, which will provide information through the latest news from TIFF, interviews, pictures, and critique.

A press conference will take place on a daily basis, where the participating authors will respond to the interest and questions of the journalists accredited near TIFF.

The program of the day will be completed every evening with a Talk Show which will be broadcast live in one of the national television stations and will involve in a debate journalists, art critics, directors, producers and others.

TIFF 2004 Awards

An international jury will evaluate the competitors of this festival, whose winners will be proclaimed in a Gala on December 10.

At least Euro 20.000 is the cash value to be offered with the following prizes:

The Best Film of TIFF

The Best Fiction

The Best Animation

The Best Documentary

The Best Experimental

The Best First Film

The Best Albanian Short

Public Award

Media Award

Every prize is accompanied with the festival cup, an art piece realized by Thoma Thomai. 

At the same time, an international jury composed of Albanian and foreign journalists will assign to the competitors the Media Award.  

An important sponsor will deliver the public award, which will be result of the direct collection of the opinion of the public during the days of the festival. 


The hospitality starts since the arrival of the participants at Mother Theresa International Airport and it will be completed during all the days of TIFF 2004 with a variety of cultural and entertaining activities such as the visits in the National Historical Museum, Durres Amphitheater, the National Art Gallery, etc.

Like the last year, the organizers offer full accommodation in the best hotels and restaurants of Tirana. 

The provided conditions aim at having a highest number possible of filmmakers and visitors during the days of the festival, in order to contribute also to a change on the image of Tirana and make it mostly attractive from the cultural, artistic and tourist perspective.


It would not have been possible to organize this activity without the support of the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sport. A special contribution has been provided by other institutions as well, such as Tirana City-Hall, the U.S. Embassy, while on the other hand there is an inexplicable indifference and apathy from part of the diplomatic representation offices accredited in Albania, considering

that this festival is a great opportunity to propagate the values of their own countries.

We thank that part of the business community which has expressed confidence on this ambitious and difficult project. Usually used with sponsoring commercial and simple entertaining activities, we hope that this community this time supports as well activities like this festival, which is an investment of theirs in time to show a Tirana, an Albania rich with political, economic and cultural values.




invitation to "short film people"  to join in SHORT FILM ELITE group
Short Film Elite is open to well-known artists as well as students, representatives of all schools, contemporary, independent and alternative cinema from throughout the world.


of Film Festivals


In memoriam of Marlon Brando, the 21st July 2004, FAMA (Foundation Art and Media Albania) in cooperation with the Central State Archive of Film organised the screening of the movie “Viva Zapata”.   more

To mark the entry of the new countries in the Union, the European Coordination of Film Festivals organises a conference on the theme:
“The Cinematography of The New Member States”.more

Agron Domi, organisateur de Tiranafilmfest et Pierre Duculot, de la Coordination Européenne des Festivals de Cinéma




"Coordonner les efforts pour donner une nouvelle dinamique au cinéma européen du long métrage, du court metrage, ainsi qu'au film documentaire à travers l'Europe Elargi".
Tel était l'objectif de la conférence"
La cinématografie des nouveaux membres de l'Union europénne", qui s'est déroulée le 25 juin à Bruxelles    more


International Festival BALKANIMA 2004
We are pleased to inform you that the First International Festival of European Animated Film, under the title BALKANIMA 2004, will be held in Belgrade, from  October 6 - 10, 2004.

TIFF 2003







Selected shorts for
the competition 2003




Movie Theater




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