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November 26 - December 02, 200




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TIFF 2007






 Save  Tirana International Film Festival
Petition to The Minister of Tourism, Culture,
Youth and Sports of Albania, Mr. Ylli Pango
was created by
and written by Festival Organizators

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To:  The Minister of Tourism, Culture, Youth and Sports of Albania, Mr. Ylli Pango



The Tirana International Film Festival, created in 2003, is based on a simple trinity: the filmmakers, the public and the festivals financial supporters.

In these five years, TIFF managed to represent the largest network ever generated from Albania that was able to gather FILMMAKERS from over 70 countries all around the World and to facilitate the circulation of more than 4,000 films, the exchange of their respective techniques, point of views, themes and diversity of cultural values.  

The Tirana International Film Festival, relying on the work, the passion and expertise of its staff and collaborators, acted in these 5 years to promote the Albanian cinema in the world through numerous actions (including but not limited to film retrospectives) that respond to the real need of the industry and of the international audiences.  

But what really makes the difference, speaking on terms of human relations, are the citizens of the cities where film festivals are held. The success of a film festival heavily depends upon their reaction, the reaction of the public. The PUBLIC of Tirana, the public of Albania, during these years in which TIFF has existed, has demonstrated that the International Film Festival is a more than needed event in a culturally fast-growing capital. The TIFF counts about 3000 Albanian spectators per year.

While the two pillars, the filmmakers and the public "the PEOPLE OF FESTIVAL" become increasingly stronger, this year, on the fifth anniversary of TIFF, the sudden and inexplicable disengagement of the Ministry of Tourism, Culture, Youth and Sports, which was the main financial supporter of the Festival, put TIFF in a very difficult situation.

So far, there has been no official reply to our requests for financing TIFF project in its 2007 edition.

TIFF decided to respond jointly to this situation by publicly reacting through this petition.

We really do feed the hope that Tirana Film Festival has more and more followers that really do want TIFF in existence, for the best of the culture of Albania and for our integration through culture. 



The undersigned

Till Now
, 29 October 2008

544. Rauja Amin
543. michele mingrone Save T.I.F.F.!
542. asim memishi MEMISHI culture and the arts are integral to a healthy state. for better or worse for value and the lack of it, it creates a dialogue that is air in the lungs of society. please maintain these events, to enrich, enliven, and broaden the knowledge and stimuli to an amazing culture.
541. Yok Wai Leonard Lai Singapore Filmmaker
540. Piers Thompson Thompson
539. laureta ismailaj
538. Petrit Rezaj
537. Avni Abazi This festival is great event that needs to bring filmmakers together
536. Ariot -Ari Myrtaj Let me be
535. Luan Bexheti Save TIFF
534. andamion murataj murataj TIFF is one of very few "stand out" achievement of the albanian culture of the recent years, and undoubtfully the most significant development on albanian film infrastrucutre. Supporting financially the festival is an honor for every Albanian and a real contribution on the empowering the Albanian national culture.
533. Dhimiter Ismailaj A minister of Culture who doesn't support culture, can not call that title to himself.
532. jorge JSA please save TIFF...this is our dream, to be part in this big events as an independent film maker...please save.
531. Alex Wiedeman Save the film festival, it is one of my goals to attend and it is frankly my only reason to go to Albania. So if you nix the film festival you nix me and thousands like me as tourists to your country.
530. Alex Wiedeman Save the film festival, it is one of my goals to attend and it is frankly my only reason to go to Albania. So if you nix the film festival you nix me and thousands like me as tourists to your country.
529. Erleta Lilaj
528. Geoffrey Sexton
527. Sid Volter
526. Borana Lushaj Tiff is the best event in Tirana
525. Gentiana Cela
524. Mathieu legris disengagement of public cultural policies is a real big threat for cultural diversity
523. Taulant Musaraj Ju ngjate jeta!!
522. Giesser Roland
521. florian fino zoti minister ule koken para artit
520. Bettina Baukelmann
519. Andi Haviari
518. Ermir Topi
517. Berald Bulku
516. De Cesare Paolo Luigi is the minimal
515. Diana Aliko
514. Altin Aliko
513. Irida Cami
512. brunet tatiana
511. Polikron Stambolliu
510. Altin Stafa The mos important help to a rising country is the cultural one.
509. Minou Norouzi
508. Yllka Gorani
507. anna vegnente
506. rino sorrentino not clo-see
505. giuseppe trincone
504. gleni caci a country without cultural exchange is a dead country.le te udhetojne shqiptaret pa pengesa.
503. Z Poonawala
502. Claudia Abbate
501. raffaele caliendo
500. Mahmood Soliman Soliman Please save this great and important festival - Egyptian filmmakers
499. Alessandra Caliendo
497. Francesco Satta
496. Aurelio Speranza
495. Stefano Coccia The cultural happenings like this one are important for all us... Please, save Tirana International Film Festival! My best wishes from Rome.
494. Flavio D'Apuzzo
494. Flavio D'Apuzzo
493. manuela corsani
492. sara andinolfi
491. Galina Myznikova Tirana International Film Festival is great event that must be keep in world film festival!
490. arb ali ok
489. roberta panza firmo la petizione
488. elena derosa ok
487. francesca russo ermolli
486. Assunta Fiocco
485. Annalisa De Lorenzo
484. paola morandino let the festival free!!!!
483. marirosa tenore
482. Gent Kadare
481. Claudia Amoruso
480. michele bia il festival di tirana uno dei pi belli e organizzati in europa. Un festival cos vuol dire cultura, e cultura vuol dire respiro, libert.
479. Eva Papamihali
478. Paolo Amendola
477. Mariella Di Febbo
476. giuseppe tumino
475. stefano cocchia
474. Andrea Lodovichetti ...tutto il sostegno per evitare la chiusura! I festival non si possono e non si DEVONO chiudere!
473. Nestore Guarino
472. ins ines.manca@gmail.com i love cinema
471. Filippo Cavuoto
470. vincenzo tenore
469. Reidun Montaville
468. Rudina Buxheli SAVE TIFF
467. olta Reka -------------
466. Kleves Alimerko ----------------
465. mirella dosi dosi
464. Aferdita Tafa
463. Rocco Andrea I have followed the Festival since the beginning. I do not think there is any other Festival in Europe that has been able to grow in size and quality as the TFF. It must be saved, it's a treasure for Albania!!
462. Natasha Dudinski
461. giampiero frasca
460. Altin Goxhaj jam i skandalizuar se si mund t\i mohoet festivalit nderkombetar te filmit mbeshtetja. Ky eshte veprim i paster antishqiptar dhe antikulture
459. Maria Joana Figueiredo
458. Alessandro Ago Save the festival!
457. Blerta Kambo No one has the right to deny one of the only non-kitsch activities in Albania!
456. jona dajci
455. Bndicte Houart
454. Estela Ziu Zoti Minister, ndoshta eshte shume t'ju kerkohet te ngrini nje sistem te vertete vlerash, por te pakten mos u beni ju shkaktari qe te humbasin vlerat e verteta te ngritura me aq mund.
453. entela mata
452. Henri Isufllari
451. Odeta Fecani
450. Ina Hoxha Zaloshnja
449. Saimir Huta
448. Migena Izeti
447. Artin Abazi
446. Ina Pira
445. Caterina Nascimbene
444. Elona Pira Pak meshire per kulturen. TIFF is not roadside tourism.
444. Elona Pira Pak meshire per kulturen. TIFF is not roadside tourism.
443. adela demetja
442. Ermela Teli FAT, TIFF !
441. Eriola Pira
440. Pierre-Henri Deleau
439. besmir sula
438. edlir666 whatooo666
436. Seron Xavier
435. chiara valenti omero dir. art. festival maremetraggio - trieste
434. Selene Ferrari You should take care. You are the Minister: you should not kill one of the things you are responsible of. So many people write about the importance of your country festival. Anyway it does not matter how much or how few important it is. It is Culture and this should be far more than enough. Don't kill it.
433. Albana Temali Save Tirana International Film Festival - Big Event for Albania !
432. jeanne waltz
431. Auron Tare
430. Valbona Selimi good luck
429. Anila Malaj
427. Erion Veliaj Amani, me pak shale e miss-e e pak me shume kulture me ato qindarka te ministrise, flm. e.v.
426. mantero vera
425. Eugenia Teodorani
424. Erenik Beqiri
423. Lanini Stefano
422. Bernd Buder
421. Andrea Moussanet
420. cristina cellini free culture in a free world
419. Majlinda Bime Pangon e kane vene gabim ne ate ministri, se ne fakt duhet te ishte minister i bagetive...
418. Anne Verba
417. elena viberti
416. Piccardo Paolo
415. Blanc Efisio
414. Francesca Baroncelli
413. francesco tat
412. Fabio Marabotto W IL CINEMA!!!
411. leonard olli
410. s-h super Save Tirana International FIlm Festival
409. sasha carnevali the festival means work and culture: it is for the future of the young
408. Alessio Torresi
407. Naim-Scanderbek Flamuri ho is blind in the heart no need for vision in spirit this is movie magic
406. renzo trotta
405. Anisa Ymeri Sa turp per nje ministri kulture qe te mos mbeshtese nje festival te tille, i vetmi qe mund te sjelle emra te medhenj te kinematografise boterore ne Tirane.
404. Indrit Mesiti Don't let Tirana become an artistic desert
403. Carnera Paolo
402. Goran Trenchovski
401. Marilena CARNASCIALI
400. Mario Ciampolini
399. gianni cardillo
398. Ilaria Romani
397. Anisa Lloja
396. Alessandro de Cristofaro
395. Giotto Barbieri
394. marzio mirabella
Name Surname Comments
394. marzio mirabella
393. Raffaele Buranelli
392. Karin Proia
391. Andrea Cecchi
390. Daniele Bisio
389. Bujar Alimani
388. Lorenzo Vignolo
387. Erika E. Baruffaldi Errante I need cinema.
386. silvia mastrangelo
385. alfonso albandoz
384. LIRIO NUSHI Eshte fatalitet qe M.K.R.S. e Shqiperise nuk gjen fonde te sponsorizoj te vetmin eveniment nderkombetar kulturor Shqiptar. Zt Pango, "Arti Shqiptar "nuk ju do me si Minister Kulture.
383. Carmen Giardina
382. Marika Cirillo
381. Vanessa Sarti Iaia
380. Jona Kuke
379. ida carcani
378. Serena Palozzi
377. Emanuela Mortari
376. Dorian Dushi Besoj qeveritaret duhet te ndergjegjesohen se TIFF eshte nje dritare publiciteti per Shqiperine ne Bote
375. Diana Giromini
374. Gigi Piola
373. Massimo Federico
372. Marco Paba Marco Paba
371. Francesca Rosina Robbiano please don't waste Ilir and His friends' precious work. Culture is a financial asset, and it is harder to support than anything else.
370. ines murati
369. michael Clarence for your consideration
368. oneda gjoci
367. Kliton Gerxhani
366. Siltana Zeneli Save it!
365. De Fraye Islin vive le film albanais que je dois encore dcouvrir!
364. Angeliki Antoniou Culture is the most important element in a civilized country. The TIFF is culture in Albania and therefore it is more than necessary!
363. Mario Prada Nuk ka shtet...nuk ka shqiptare....dhe si mund te kete kulture...!
362. Eda Spaho Save the culture...it Belongs to Albanians...not to Mrs.PANGO
361. Mariol Spahiu No Comment!
360. s_r high Save Tirana International FIlm Festival
359. Eimear O'Herlihy
358. Nicolas Waquet
357. vladimir marku
356. Ergys Temali Ju lutem zoterinj qeveritare, pak me respekt per kulturen dhe artin
355. Milena Selimi z.Pango po shtoni gjynahet ndaj kultures, ndersa po ngaterroni prioritetet e artit. Mekati i radhes quhet TIFF 2007, ndersa perla e mbeshtetjes suaj quhet Festa e Birres te kodrat e liqenit
354. Monda Shima Ne nje vend qe nuk ka drita, uje, eshte heroizem te besh art, e aq me shume art cilesor. Keshtu qe shpetoni TIFF!
353. Alban Mesonjesi
352. Mimoza Koiu
351. Kristaq Profkola Forca
350. Darina Kokona
349. Terry Craven
348. laurent baptiste la culture est le salut
347. Cristiano Palozzi Tiff is important for European culture. Save Tiff
346. Doriana Zaho none
345. SULA Ylli Qe nga momenti kur Ministria e Kultures vendosi te mbeshtese kete mesvit "festen e birres dhe salieve", si aktivitet kulturor, eshte e kuptueshme se s'mund te kete fonde per aktivitete si TIFF!
344. Stavroula Geronimaki
344. Stavroula Geronimaki
343. Rik Vermeulen
342. Gregory Zorzos Culture that join Nations must supported by the Government. Albania must support its creators and the friends from the other countries. Greetings from Greece to all people of Tirana International Film Festival. Continue your work. Present your culture.
341. Ergin Kuke
340. Murlan Jasiqi
339. sojli iris iris
338. bledar zaho
337. Dritan Arbana
336. Enela Fortuzi
335. Hilda Gjika
334. doomed lover save tirana international film festival
333. Lorena Caushaj
332. Filip Kondovski no comment
331. ERGYS FAJA mos shkatrroni at pr t ciln njerzit dhe artistt kan sakrifikuar.
330. Bledi Masati
329. Eleni Laperi Kemi nevoje per tradita ne kulturen e re
328. Laroche Jean-Philippe Save the wonderful Tirana Film Festival
327. Kastriot Abdyli Duhet te mbeshtetet institucionalisht
326. Joerg Wagner
325. Petrit Pula
324. Henor Salaj Save Da Tirana International Film Festival. Reeespect.
323. Gentian Koci Mendoj se Ministria e Kultures duhet ta mbeshtese kete aktivitete sepse eshte nje nga aktivitetet qe sjell vertet vlera ne Shqiperi. Nuk me pelqejne politikat e Ministrise se Kultures ne lidhje me sponsorizimet e aktiviteteve kulturore ne Shqiperi. Mendoj se ky aktivitet duhet sponsorizuar.
322. Werther Germondari Dove c' cultura c' crescita di un paese...
321. erion kame -
320. Servois Julien
319. Najada Musa --
318. Steve Buscemi
317. jenny holt Holt
316. stefan taci Megjithese Pangon e kam mik se i kam bere ca kopertina libri por ne kete rast nese ka pasur ne dore dhe nuk ka vepruar per cfare do arsye nuk eshte luajale per artin e kinemase e ne vecanti per kete aktivitet kaq simpatik si TIFF.
315. Branka Mitic
314. saimir kumbaro TIFF duhet te mbeshtet nga qeveria.
313. blerta Alikaj
312. Dean Sagard
311. Armald Imeraj Please save TIFF
310. Anthony Chen Chen Film Director from Singapore
309. Azem Kola Please save the one of the best festival in Albania, I think we Albanians need a film industry and it must grow for the future filmmakers
308. Olta Reka
307. Petrit Malaj
306. Knidi Bashari
305. Artaker Anna
304. Xheni Sinakoli
303. Gianni Amelio Caro Ilir Butka, ho appreso delle difficolt per lo svolgimento del Tirana International Film Festival. Ne sono addolorato. Intanto ti comunico tutto il mio sostegno e la mia simpatia. Con l'augurio che un Festival cos importante e necessario possa continuare a esistere. Un abbraccio, Gianni Amelio
302. zelimir gvardiol save TIFF
301. Arben Spartaku
300. Blenard Pustina
299. irma qehajaj
298. Stefan Krause
297. altin basha
296. Karp Laura Save Tirana Film Festival
295. Koenig baudouin
294. lathuiliere jean guy
293. Sivaroj Kongsakul -
292. Girard Charles
291. Kosto vulaj
290. elona prela
289. Elona vulaj
288. erkend bacelli
287. blerina Prela
286. bina Bacelli Save TIrana international film festival
285. Aurel Zaloshnja
284. hannes hoelzl hoelzl we need culture !!!
283. Flore Soria
282. Indrit Kasmi te ndihmosh per filmin do te thote ti sjellesh nje kombi identitet,i imi ka shume nevoje! Po i yti zoti Minister?
281. Jordi Carhur free cinema
280. Ridi Qirici Po nderprisni nje nga te paktat aktiviteti qe na bejne te njohur ne bote.
279. Blerta Blaku Save Tirana International Film Festival
278. Anilda Kacaci
277. gianluca truppa
276. Rudina Vojvoda
275. Isa Qosja Aristet kan vetem nje feste:festivalin. Na lejoni te
274. Ivan Pavlov, President of the Union of Bulgarian Film Makers
273. eva hoelzl let albania not be only the last of europe in everything!
272. ronan leonard leonard please keep thius valuable film festival going
271. Gent Hazizi
270. Igor Shestopalov
269. Georgia Hopkins
268. Montserrat Guiu Valls
267. Elma Tataragic
266. Don O'Mahony
265. Kujtim ashku ashku Save culture, saving TIFF! From SHKSHL ( Shoqata e Kineasteve Shqiptare Lumiere)
264. Eol ashku ashku Full support for TIFF, from OraFilm and the Academy of Film & Multimedia Marubi.
263. Romir Zalla
262. Hristina Argirovska
261. Marija Argirovska
260. Una Feely Having attended the first edition of Tirana, I saw firsthand how important this festival is. It contributes much to the cultural life of Tirana and Albania and it will be a shame if the festival is not encouraged to develop and financially supported to do so.
259. Arben Zharku
258. szasz kriszta
257. Leonel Duarte Santos
256. LE DANTEC Adeline
255. Dritan Karadaku
254. Van Rooden Aukje
253. Schaarschmidt Boris For the art of filmmaking!! Keep it alive.
252. Poisson Audrey
251. Genti Gace
250. alban gjata
249. Aksinja Xhoja
248. Felina Agolli Why not to make this festival a long tradition?
247. Ajet Nuro
246. Ciprian Mihali Romania
245. Genc Jonuzi Vete jam konservator dhe jo dhe aq pro financimeve te tilla, po kur di qe ne Shqiperi parate shumicen e rasteve futen neper ca xhepa (e dini ju te kujt) eshte me mire qe aktivitete te tilla te financohen qe c'ke me te se jam i sigurte qe Ministria nuk do jete lodhur shume duke financuar aktivitete kulturore keshtu qe Z. Minister, sidomos ti, kesaj rradhe duhet te "hidhesh" them une. Olee!
244. Genc Jaupi
243. Gjeneza Budima
241. Beth Armstrong An important and great international festival
240. Besnik Pula
239. rovena lule
238. Ilsiona Nuh Eshte i vetmi eveniment i cili i le hapsire talenteve te reja. Shqiperia eshte vend qe ka nevoje per evenimente artistike dhe te aktivizoje rinine.
237. megi xharo
236. Dori Ahmeti
235. Dashamir Brxulli
232. ana sh
231. Mehdi Belhaj KACEM
230. Jacques RANCIERE
229. Ledja Shalari
228. Raymond BELLOUR
227. Joni Shanaj TIFF jep shprese.
226. johanes sejdiaj
225. redi treni
224. Angela Pagano
223. Shpend Bengu Festivali i Filmit me metrazh te shkurter ose TIFF, per mendimin tim eshte nje nga ngjarjet me te rendesishme per kulturen shqiptare. Si pjesmarres i disa edicioneve, shpreh habine time persa i perket indiferences se Ministrise se Kultures lidhur me kete aktivitet te mrekullueshem. Shpresoja qe me ardhjen e ministrit te ri zotitYlli Pango (per te cilin kam respekt) dicka do te ndryshonte ne Ministrine e Kultures lidhur me gjynahet e paraardhesit te tij. Ne fundin e fiteve 80, nje fondacion zviceran vizitoi Shqiperine. Kur u kthye ne Zvicer fondacioni i propozoi parlamentit zviceran qe Zvicra te krijonte Ministrine e Deteve meqenese ne Shqiperi kishte Ministri Kulture.
222. Ela G. Meqenese e mbani veten per nje intelektual te vertete si mund te mos arrini te kuptoni artin e vertete prej atij banal! Bejeni dallimin eshte shume e thjeshte jepini vlera artit te vertete dhe qe shpreh kulture jo vetem brenda Shqiperise por edhe mbare Botes!Dhe sic thoni edhe vete ju " MINISTER" shikojini gjerat me pozitivisht per kulturen.
221. Agnesa Vuthaj
220. Tessmann Noe
219. Federica Marrone
218. Rudina Magjistari How sad signing this petition in the Europe of 2007...
217. Ada Sula
216. daniela ricci
215. olsi bega
214. Kolo Cukali Shock to the System
213. Ani Koxhaku
212. Roberto Venturino
211. erind
210. orjola prela
209. erilda borici
208. Entela Mitraku I hope my Vote would help a little
207. Edmond Budina N nj koh q Shqipria ka nj numur mjeran sallash kinemaje e aktivitetesh kinematografike, t detyrosh t mbyllet t vetmen dritare q t jep nj reze shprese e t lidh me boten, pr ne q jemi jasht atdheut, sht sikur t na heqsh edhe at pak me t ciln mund t krenohemi. Esht njsoj sikur t kryesh nj krim. Bashkohem me kolegt e mij e organizatort e TIFF e iu them : REZISTONI.
206. Luigi Toni
205. eri sdu me e then shpresoj te ndryshoje shqipria
204. Bujana Brahimi
203. Patrizia Bettini Save Tirana Film Festival
202. Alain BROSSAT
201. Manuel Cal
200. Emanuele Musso
199. soria judith
198. Ilirjana Stringa
197. Soria Jacques
196. Franois Arnaud
195. Steurer Richard
194. Gentiana Malo
193. Orgest AZIZAJ
192. Tanja Nestoroska
191. Philippe SANSON
190. Andi dwonch
189. Gledis Bica Dhe festivalin e vetem te filmit qe zhvillohet ne Shqiperi doni ta mbyllni??TURP PER JU ZOTI PANGO,TURP PER KETE QEVERI...Shpresoj qe kjo te mos ndodhi!!!
188. Ols Abazi firme pa KOMENT
187. Arlind DERVISHI Ju letem ! Mbeshtesni TIFF ! Eshte me shume se nje festival ! Eshte ajo e pakta fryme krijuese qe na perfaqson ne bote, qe mbeshtet artistet e rinj, qe mbeshtet kulturen shqiptare ... Sinqerisht Arlind DERVISHI
186. Derek Laviniere Laviniere
185. Ridvan Peshkopia Shpetoni TIFF
184. ARTUR DAUTI TURP . Edhe nje here Turp per politike beresit ne Shqiperi. Mesa duket ata nuk bejne asgje tjeter vecse vertetojne VARFERINE e tyre INTELEKTUALE, per ata Kultura nuk eshte gje tjeter vese nje varse ne els mbajtesen e tyre
183. Koen Wastijn Wastijn Albania need a radical changement
182. gezim binaj
181. Loziana Ibrahimi x
180. Esmeralda Sokoli
179. elona eski
178. fani zguro
177. Ledio Veseli
176. Mihal Bicja
175. Sibel Pipa shqiperia eshte ne nje faze qe ka teper nevoje te "rritret" me kulture. Ministrat tane duhet te perpiqen te sjellin sa me shume aktivitete kulturore ne Shqiperi dhe jo te mbyllin ato qe jane!
174. Kreshnik Hoti
173. sara mesini do marrrrr pjes dhe une:P
172. Ilir Kabashi TIFF per kater vjet ka sjell krijime boterore ne Shqiperi dhe ka derguar ato shqiptare ne bote. Ky festival tashme nuk eshte vetem i Shqiperise dhe i Kosoves, ai eshte festival i mbare botes. Si i till ai duhet ta kete rriten e vet e jo vdekjen.
171. PANAGIOTIS FAFOUTIS TIFF helped me understand and respect Albanians more.As I have travelled to many festivals with my films, TIFF is one of the most high quality and friendly film festivals.
170. Elvin Xhatufa Eshte me te vertete e trishtueshme te degjosh qe MKRS nuk ka mundesi te sponsorizoje nje prej evenimenteve me te sukseshme ne vitet e fundit qe promovon jo vetem kinematografine shqiptare, por edhe Tiranen si desitnacion ne boten e artit.
169. Sayaka Masuoka
168. Robert Budina Shqiperia nuk e ka lluksin te shkaterroje te vetmin aktivitet kulturor te denje ta perfaqsoje me sukses ne te gjithe boten.
167. Sabina Kodra Eshte i vetmi aktivitet kinematografik me ane te te cilit kineastet shqiptare mund te jene ne kontakt me kinemane bashkekohore.
166. Padraig Mallon Mallon Save the Festival !!. As someone who was there at the beginning and has watched it grow it is unthinkable that it should cease to exist. Agron and Illir deserve huge credit for starting this cultural event which means so much to Tirana and to the rest of us in Europe. We in Cork and in Ireland support you. Good luck with your work TIFF
165. veronica locatelli
164. Claire Tran
163. Remond Melanie
162. Francesca Staasch long live the TIFF!
161. Viko Nikci
160. Paul Davies
159. Cheng alice
158. boucris jrmie
157. Fatmir Koci Finance TIFF. It's a national obligation.
156. de Hadeln Moritz Former director of the Berlin & Venice International film Festivals
155. Gawain Morrison Please save this festival as it is important fo the future of international film recognising Albania as a centre of film culture.
154. idlir azizi tell the mr minister, a book plagiat, to step down for good
153. giovanni Robbiano robbiano
152. Line Langebek Knudsen Film festivals such as this are an important part of the cultural landscape for any country and Tirana Film Festival has established itself as an imporant port of call for filmmakers.
151. Bekim Mala
150. Barbara Bialkowska
149. Vincent Hazard Hazard SAVE TIFF! It's an important festival it must live!
148. eno milkani
147. Dania Appolloni
146. Christian Nicoletta to save a free festival
145. Kittel Juergen
144. Roland Sejko
143. Deniona Kondi
142. deniona kondi
141. Lidin Karolina
140. Cristina Soldano
139. Hana Rezkova
138. Erica Girotto Save Tirana International Film Festival
137. Blerta Basholli
136. Tomaso Cariboni enthousiastic former partecipant to Tiranan Film Fest
135. Albri Brahusha Writer
134. Konstantinos Antonopoulos
133. Alessandro Dominici One of the most important festival in Europe!!
132. Cleven doris As co-director of Anima, the international festival of animation of Brussels, I know that a festival can not be organised without state support. More and more, festivals are the only place to discover and to show the work of artists who don't find a place in the commercial distribution.
131. Vladimir Perovic TIFF is far from being a local issue. Save it!
130. Antonio Greco
129. Millan Vazquez Spanish Distributor
128. Joao Macedo Portugal - Festival Director
127. Danijel Hocevar
126. Dribbling Pictures Nice festival, wonderful people. Very important for the local arts scene as well as for outsiders' perspective on Tirana. Respect and regards to the entire TIFF crew, if you need me to DJ again at your resurrection party, I'm flying down in 40 minutes! Boris Mitic / Dribbling Pictures, Belgrade
125. Filipe Pereira Pereira
124. Lennon Danny An extremely important event that cannot die, the public, the youth of Albania attend in large numbers craving films, contacts and wanting to make Albania a great place, I've witnessed great things at TIFF!
123. Stuart Pound Pound
122. Stephen Kilkie
121. Stephen Keep Mills Mills This festival brings honor and artistic attention to your country. It celebrates vitality and creation and the important exchange of ideas and cultures.
120. Sathit Sattarasart
119. francesca frati
118. ervin kotori shqiperi te mori lumi shqiperi .ore minister a ke turp apo e ke ngren me buke
117. Sabir Kanaqi turp, e faqja e zez.
116. Florian CANGA CANGA Ministri nje injorant
115. Resul Jusufi
114. Peter Snowdon
113. Giovanni Antelmi
112. burbuqe berisha
111. Petraq Papa Thjesht mund te them qe me duket nje papergjegjshmeri e madhe te mos mbeshtetet nje festival me dimensionet e Tirana International Film Festival.
110. suzi ibisi
109. Milos Kostovski Save the festival!!!
108. Cecilie Bolvinkel
107. Arber Kurtulaj
106. Giulia Ricci
105. Jaksa Boric
104. Jay Field
103. Flaminia N'Guyen
102. marco superti
101. odeta cunaj
100. florian canga
99. alket xhakollari we must save the festival
98. maurizio guermandi
97. schreuders andre
96. igor zupe
95. Alessandra Piras
94. Mikhail Sebastian Sebastian Keep TIFF running
93. Pedro Touceda
91. Ken Loach
90. florjan fejzollari
89. Troebs Sebastian
88. S. M.
87. Veton Nurkollari
86. CRUSSIERE ALF support cultural events, support Tirana Film Festival
85. Hanne Skjdt Skjdt
84. Grazina Arlickaite
83. Zhujeta Cima
82. adriana nimani kutllovci
81. Emina Ganic
80. Robert Aliaj DRAGOT DRAGOT "Arti eshte identiteti i nje populli." Z Pango, mendoni se identiteti i shqiptareve eshte korrupsioni? Apo prapambetja e mizeria?
79. Shpend Mula
78. Cecilia Lidin Artistic Director Odense Int. Film Festival, Denmark
77. Petro Vasili Minister do something not just politics and propaganda
76. Kari Lounela Executive Director, Tampere 38th Film Festival, Finland
75. Ulla Jacobsen
74. Alexei Dmitriev
73. Zoltn Fredi Director of Dialektus Festival Hungary
72. ALEXANDRE Rockwell ROCKWELL I am a director who believes in the international importance of film festivals. Without these wonderful outlets for world cinema our film culture would suffer greatly. I imagine an international festival such as Tirana is of the utmost importance in the exchange of Albanian culture with that of the world at large.
71. Evgeny Ruman from Israel
70. Till Passow safe culture - safe the festival!
69. Timo Katz
68. M. Txema Muoz Txema
67. Skerdi Mahmutaj Save the Film Festival! Save the Albanian Culture!
66. Stefan Kitanov I support TIFF.
65. Robert Ciesla
64. Rey Anthony Great Festival ! Save it !
63. Leturcq Vania
62. Ujkan Hysaj
61. Ognen Antov Help the film, help the festival, save the culuture all over the world. Ognen Antov, Producer
60. Tiina Lokk
59. Stefan Laudyn Dear Minister, as director of the Warsaw International Film Festival and Board member of the European Film Academy I would like to express my support for our friends from the Tirana International Film Festival. We are in contact since the beginning of TIFF existence and I must say they are doing a tremendous job, promoting both European and world cinema in Albania and Albanian culture in Europe. TIFF is a part of our European Film Family. Film festivals are very fragile and without your kind support they will cease to exist.
58. Dollhofer Christine
57. Vuckovic Miroljub
56. visar vishka for Albania-part of European Culture
55. ina sh Lereni te jetoje kete femije qe sa ka mbushur 5 vjetorin e tij se nderon Shqiperine ne mbare boten Shoku Ylli, qe yll ke emrin por nuk shkelqen e nuk le as te tjeret te shkelqejne
54. Iris Sengla
53. lorin rrushi Kthjellohuni Zoti minister
52. Antonella Sica Save TIFF
51. eneda ajdari
50. Klejdi Eski Eshte i vetmi aktivitet qe vetem ne 1 jave i kthen shqiperise gjithe dinjitetin kulturor qe ajo humbet gjate 1 viti.
49. kliton kuka
48. leonora muja muja
47. alma goxhi
46. simone salvemini TIFF is a fundamental cultural resource for all the Albanian territory. TIFF is the best way to show the best of Albania in the world. Don't forget!
45. Pina Ndoja Mos jeni ne krize mendore zoti minister ?
44. Luiza Shehu
43. anila pusta (austri) Si mund te mos mbeshtetet nje perle?
42. atlinda ndini Mos i zhdukni vlerat ruajini ato
41. Elda Dajçi Shpetoni Irana Internacional Film Festival
40. Bora KUKA Spetojeni edhe per mua
39. Stefano gosatti Salvatelo
38. Arber Alikaj Votoni per TIFF votoni per vlerat
37. petro gusho
36. Adi Alikaj Save Tirana International Film Festival
35. Blerina Alikaj e nderuar te votoj per Save TIFF
34. Jonathan Tuerpe
33. Ana gusho Mbeshteteni festivalin Zoti Minister
32. kristi gusho Duajeni Tirana Festival filmin dhe mos e harroni
31. Enkeleda Daja
30. Elvana Bicolli
29. Rigela Klenja
28. Lauresha Hani
27. Kujtim Bunga
26. antonela gjermeni ky festival eshte nje pasqyrim i shqiperise ne bote, prandaj duhet mbeshtetur nga ju
25. Adi Alikaj Save Tirana International Film Festival
24. Drita Ruka
23. ediola islamaj
22. Elona Kalesha
21. Blendi Dafa
20. Sabina sabinalalaj
19. irma barci By underestimating the importance of TIFF you as Minister of Culture are underestimating the talents and efforts of many artists...... they are and always will be part of the Albanian art and culture history ....I doubt you will
18. artan barci It is a shame that such an amazing cultural event for Albania does not get the much needed support from the Ministry of Culture....I wonder If you do not support TIFF ...what is that you support?
17. Steve Gatlin
16. Zhani Terpini
15. Bertrand Shijaku
14. Polikseni Doci
13. Ornela Doci
12. Ynne Messner
11. Gentjana Kalesha
10. Jared Katsiane Please save TIFF! Best wishes from Boston, US
9. BLENDI kumi
8. mariano fiocco
7. francesco minervini
6. Ilir Kurti
5. Altina Mura
4. Vera Kurti Mbroni vlerat dhe arritjet tona me te mira
3. Elisa D. Arti eshte gjeja me e bukur! Ndihmojeni ate!
2. Gladiola Kuka Please do it
1. Elida Rasha Is our duty and obligation to save TIFF





About 800 films from 65 different countries all over the world have applied in edition of TIFF, 316 authors applied in the category of fiction, 85 in animation, 95 in documentary, and 94 in experimental.

Afghanistan   Albania    Argentina   Australia    Austria    Bangladesh     Belgium     Belorussia     Brazil    Canada    China   Croatia    Cyprus   Czech Republic     Denmark   Deutschland   Egypt   England   Finland    France   Greece    Hong Kong     Hungary    India    Iran   Ireland   Israel    Italy     Japan     Kosova     Latvia    Lebanon    Luxemburg     Macedonia    Malta    Mexico     Montenegro     Netherlands   Nigeria   Norway     Panama     Peru    Poland     Portugal   Romania    Russia     Schweiz   Scotland    Serbia    Singapore     Slovenia    South Korea    Spain    Sudan    Sweden     Taiwan    Thailand     Turkey    Uganda   Ukraine    United Arab Emirates   USA     Wales



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Selected by
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"The Shutka
Book of Records
by Aleksandar Manic

Festival Guests

Ken Loach present in TIFF '05

Directors :
 Ken Loach,
 Ermanno Olmi,
 Abbas Kiarostami

Goran Paskaljevic

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Poetic Cinema
Carl Henrik Svenstedt

Shorts Attack
The best selected films from
interfilm Berlin International Short Film Festival and Distribution

Fatmir Koci

Edoardo WINSPEARE, Alessandro PIVA, Sergio RUBINI, Davide Marengo, Niko XHIRASOLA, etc.

Luce, with
the Best Directors
of Short Film

Corrado DErrico - Roberto Rossellini -Michelangelo Antonioni - Dino Risi -
 Vittorio S
cala -
 Valerio Zurlini - Franceso Maselli - Giorgio Ferroni -Romolo Marcellini - Damiano Damiani
Federico Fellini

Passo a due
by Andrea Barzin

Ron Holloway,Tribute to

"American Dreaming"

"Kosova Film"
The retrospective
of Best feature films from Kosova

"Time of Gypsies"

Feature & Documentary films from Balkan filmmakers

Jos Stelling

The Waiting Room (1996)
The Gas Station (1999),
The Gallery (2003)
Triptych - belong to the collection of 30 Erotic Tales produced by Berlin-based Regina Ziegler

Franko Nero

Special Guest in T.I.F.F 03

"Academy of Arts"

Retrospective of National Film School of Denmark, the winner of 3 of last 4 Baby Oscars. Lars Von Trier, Thomas Winderberg, etc.

TIFF 2003
Jury's Special Mention
for the Animation


"Reflecting Albania " Documentary films made in Albania by the different foreign filmmakers
curate by Eno Milkani

Film school works from:
 Israel, Kosova and Finland

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