Production ERAFILM (Albania) TAKAMI PRODUCTION (France) Producer Sabina Kodra Script Sabina Kodra Robert Budina director Robert Budina image Olivier Bertrand sound Anne Laure Francois mixage Sebastien Wera art design Sabri Basha costums Blegina Hasko music Fatos Qerimaj Cast Edmond Budina Rajmonda Bulku Genci Mirzo Esmeralda Metka Romir Zalla A man and a woman, 50 years old, in Tirana. She\'s very badly sick and could be saved in a hospital abroad. They just need a visa... but in Tirana, things are not that simple: sometimes, time is not only money, but life... Festivals Tirana International Short Film Festival, Albania Aubagne International Short Film Festival, France Cittadella del Corto Trevignano, Italy Huesca International Short Film Festival, Spain Tanger Mediterranean Short Film Festival, Morocco DokArt Neubrandeburg Film Festival, Germany Salento Finibus Terrae International Short Film Festival, Italy Sao Paolo International Film Festival, Brasil Cinema du Monde International Film Festival, Montreal Canada. Brest International Short Film Festival, France South East Film Festival Los Angeles, USA Au Festivals des Mots, France Brindisi International Short film Festival Cinedays Film Festival Skopje Macedonia. Levante Film Festival Bari Italy. Genova Film Festival Italy. FIAC Short Film Festival Portugal. Awards Public Award in Tirana International Short Film Festival Critique Award in Tirana International Short Film Festival Award of Best male interpretation in Tanger Mediterranean Short Film Festival PRÉMIO ORGANIZAÇÃO - \"ADRIANO DE MORAIS\" TROFÉU DO ESPECTADOR SENIOR SENIOR PRIZE JURI In ALGARVE International Film Festival Portugal Critiques; December 16, 2005 Tirana Dispatch. 1. David D\'Arcy, who has covered festivals for us ranging from Haifa and New York to Karlovy Vary and Toronto, sends word from another where he\'s headed up the fiction film jury. Among other prizes, a special notice went to an Albanian film, Snowdrops, by Robert Budina, which also dealt with illness, death and loss. Once again, the acting had an emotional truth to it that seems to come when a film isn\'t expected to make any money. I didn\'t get a sense that this film compromised on anything. With actors like these and a director who knows how to use them, maybe there\'s hope for Albanian cinema. Show in Television France 3, Cine Cinema, Cine Star.
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