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Friday, 27 February 2015
Animation (official selection - TIFF 2011)
About Killing The Pig

Director:  Simone Massi

Title in English: About Killing The Pig
Original title:  Dell'ammazzare il maiale

2011/ Italy/ Digital Beta/ 6’/ Animation/ Colour-B&W

Script: Simone Massi; Photography: Simone Massi; Editing: Simone Massi; Animation: Simone Massi; Music: Stefano Sasso; Sound: Stefano Sasso; Producer: Simone Massi

At the beginning of January the men enter the pig's sty and tie his muzzle. While he is being dragged out to be killed the animal has the chance to see the sky and the things of the World.

How to raise the moon

Director: Anja Struck

Title in English: How to raise the moon
Original title: How to raise the moon

2011/ Germany& Denmark/ 35mm/ 8’48’’/ Animation/ B&W

Script:  Anja Struck; Photography:  Angela Poschet, bvk; Editing: Anja Struck; Animation:  Dan Ramsey, Anja Perl; Music:  Marcio Doctor; Sound:  Marcio Doctor; Leading actors:  Tora Balslev; Producer:  Anja Struck

In a place of condensed time, the stagnant things become alive and Sleep (Fox) and Death (Bunny) are fighting over a sleeping woman´s life. An experimental animation shortfilm about stalemate, surreal cycles in a poetic world and the secret of how to raise the moon.

Tale Of The Wind

Director:  Cláudio Jordão

Title in English:  Tale Of  The Wind
Original title:  Conto do Vento

2010/ Portugal/ Betacam/ 12’/ Animation/ Colour

Script:  Nelson Martins; Editing:  Claudio Jordão; Animation:  Cláudio Jordão, Nelson Martins; Music:  João Paulo Nunes; Sound: João Paulo Nunes; Producer:  António C. Valente

Salva had the gift of feeling the life of nature through her body. She lived in the forest across the river with Ábia his mother and she was happy until the day her life changed. Men and women of the village forced her to watch the burning of her mother accused of witchcraft. Years later the fear that the villagers had to her mother is the same that move them against her.

Waiting for yesterday

Director: Patrick Junghans

Title in English: Waiting for yesterday
Original title: Waiting for yesterday

2011/ Belgium/ HD/ 8’/ Animation/ Colour

Script: Patrick Junghans; Sound: Yves De Mey; Producer: Anthony Rey

A depressed man struggles to move on and escape haunting memories of his wife, who was killed several years ago in a tragic accident.


Director: Frèdèrique Ortega

Title in English: Corridor
Original title: Corridor

2011/ France/ HD/ 11’15’’/ Animation/ Colour

Script: Frèdèrique Ortega;  Editing: Romain Strabol; Animation: Wang Jing, Marielle Guyot; Music: Matthieu Levain; Sound: Matthieu Levain; Producer: Serge Elissalde, Olivier Catherin

A young boy and his parents walk around in a carnival. The mother encourages her son to have a go on a ghost train, alone. Apprehensively, the child accepts. Across the tunnel, he will find himself in a real train where he will be confronted to himself and grow up.

On Fire

Director:  Zoltan Horvath

Title in English:  On Fire
Original title:  Feu Sacré

2010/  Schweiz/ HD/ 9’/ Animation/ Colour

Script: Zoltan Horvath; Photography: Robert Nortik; Editing: Zoltan Horvath; Animation: Lynn Gerlach, Shinta Juilland, Julien Melt , Zoltan Horvath; Music: Léon Rousseau; Sound: Leon Rousseau; Producer:  Nicolas Burlet

On Fire’ is a tribute to one of the greatest actors of stage and screen, Marlon Brando; a rebel, a genius, a man who never knew the meaning of the word ‘compromise’ and Influenced profoundly everything actors' generation after him.


Director:  Javier Mrad

Title in English:  Teclopolis
Original title:  Teclópolis

2009/Argentina / DVD/ 12’/ Animation/ Colour

Script:  Javier Mrad, Javier Salazar, Javier Swedsky; Photography:  Juan Maglione;
Editing:  Hugo Primero, Diego Primero; Animation:  Becho Lo Bianco, Mariano Bergara; Music:  Cesar Lerner; Sound:  Pablo Locane; Producer:  Diego Primero, Javier Mrad

Once upon a time... Old magazines gently dance in the wind. A super-8 camera crawls over a wooden table while an old carpet flows in and out. Suddenly, a mouse and then, a whole civilization running towards its inevitable destiny. Plastic waste has reached the point where not even the most distant beaches are safe.

Way Out

Director:  Lili Sheikhat

Title in English:  Way Out
Original title:  Way Out

2011/ Israel/ HD/ 5’/ Animation/ Colour-B&W

Script:  Lili Sheikhat; Photography: Lili Sheikhat;Editing: Lili Sheikhat;
Animation: Lili Sheikhat;Music:  Ofer Yair; Sound: Ofer Yair; Producer:  Bezalel academy of arts and design

The hero goes down into the underground, sits down on a train and falls asleep. He is sleeping and waking up and dreaming.Through drowsiness in front of him the subway stations are coming and going..Dream and reality are mixing,intertwining together.In his dreams he sees some significant events of his life in which he missed something great,and now he regrets.They appear in front of him as the lanterns inside the underground tunnels. Perhaps,it is not too late now to change The Reality- his life.

Gypaetus Helveticus

Director: Marcel Barelli

Title in English: Gypaetus Helveticus
Original title: Gypaetus Helveticus

2011/ Swiss/ HD/ 7’/ Animation/ Colour

Script: Marcel Barelli; Editing: Zoltán Horváth; Animation: Marcel Barelli; Music: Louis Crelier;  Sound: Laurent Jespersen; Producer: Nicolas Burlet

Because of some false reputation, the greatest bird of prey in Europe was completely anihilated in Switzerland. This short movie though, tells us another story…   

Shadow Woman

Director:  Joana Imaginário

Title in English:  Shadow Woman
Original title:  Mulher Sombra

2011/ Portugal/ Betacam/ 8’/ Animation/ Colour

Script:  Joana Imaginário; Editing:  Francisco Lança; Animation:  Joana Imaginário;  Music:  J.S. Bach; Sound:  Paulo Muiños; Producer:  António C. Valente

SHADOW WOMAN is the story of a woman haunted by the wind - "from now on everything will delight (...) and the constant movement you will be imprisoned." From walking, the woman began to disappear and it was only the shadow.

The Lagoon, The Water, The Men…

Director:   Matos Barbosa

Title in English: The Lagoon, The Water, The Men…
Original title:  A Ria, a Água, o Homem…

2010/ Portugal/ Betacam/ 5’/ Animation/ B&W


Script:  Matos Barbosa; Editing:  António Fonseca; Animation:  Matos Barbosa, Vítor Lopes; Music:  Claude Debussy; Producer:  António C. Valente

The black and white draw the three elements, animating ordinary things in a poetic sense of the image.


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