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Sunday, 16 December 2018
National Film Board of Canada
National Film Board of Canada - Norman McLaren
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Norman McLaren was born in Stirling, Scotland, on April 11, 1914. As a high school student, he developed a particular interest in painting. At the age of 18, he entered the Glasgow School of Art to study interior design, but he did not earn a diploma. His enthusiasm for student filmmaking prevented him from completing assignments. Although he was a moviegoer, it was not until McLaren was at the art school and joined a film society and saw the Russian films of Eisenstein and Pudovkin that cinema took a new place for him in the cultural hierarchy. That was 1934.I thought what a great medium! It was exciting and I said if you can do that, why bother with drawing and painting. They’ve been around for two thousand years at least, but here is a new art, just begun, which is the art of today – and painting is the art of the past.In the same year, McLaren saw an abstract film by Oscar Fischinger, the German animator, which was also a revelation for him. McLaren used to see abstractions in his mind as he listened to music. With film, he realized he could make these abstractions visible. His mind was made up and he joined a newly formed filmmaking club at the art school. He became the mainspring of this club, and he displayed an original and indefatigably energetic talent which, apparently, ran his co-workers off their feet. His student films were mainly live-action; he was fascinated by the movie camera and sought to exploit it to its maximum.

Begone dull care
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Englisht title: Begone dull care
1949/ 07’52

Il était une chaise
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Englisht title: Il était une chaise
1957/ 09’52’’

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Englisht title: Neighbours
1952/ 08’06

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Englisht title: Synchromy
1971/ 07’27

Blinkity Blank
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Englisht title: Blinkity Blank
1955/ 05’15’’

Le merle
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Englisht title: Le merle
1958/ 46’09’’

Norman McLaren's Opening Speech
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Englisht title: Norman McLaren's Opening Speech
1961/ 06’52

Hep Hop
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Englisht title: Hep Hop
1942/ 03’40’’

Lines Horizontal
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Englisht title: Lines Horizontal
1958/ 04’39

Pas de deux
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Englisht title: Pas de deux
1968/ 13’22’’


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