Fiction (official selection - TIFF 2012)

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Director: Kika Nicolela

Englisht title:  Actus
Original title:  Actus

2010/ Brazil/ 4K Red Digital Cinema / 17’/ Fiction/ Colour

Script: Claudia Pucci, Kika Nicolela;  Photography: Ching C. Wang;  Music: Natalia Mallo;    Sound:  Natalia Mallo; Leading actors:   Caco Ciocler,  Paula Picarelli; Producer: Ivan Teixeira, Eduardo Sallouti, Ching C. Wang, Kika Nicolela

A couple trapped in a discussion about a birthday cake and nail polishers. Actus explores the blurred lines between reality and simulation. Departing from the idea of representation, time and space is manipulated in order to provoke a fissure in the otherwise stable relationship between spectator and spectacle.

All Of That
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Director: Branislav Milatovic

Englisht title:  All Of That
Original title:   Sve to

2012/ Montenegro/ HD/ 27’/ Fiction/ Colour

Script:  Branislav Milatovic, Ognjen Spahic;   Photography:   Ivan Kostic;  Editing:  Vladimir Radovanovic;   Music:  Milivoje Picuric; Sound:   Novica Jankov&Bobo Stanisic;  Leading actors:   Slavko Stimac Momo Picuric Jovan Miranovic;   Producer:  Ivan Djurovic

Danilo's friend from classroom passed away. Father wants to withdrawn boy's attention from the funeral and the obligations as a president of classroom by going on daily holiday. For father, protecting own child from unkind experience as the funeral by going on fishing, becomes much more difficult task than he expected.

Orlandina über Alles
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Director: Mikhail Chernyak

Englisht title:   Orlandina über Alles
Original title:   Orlandina über alles

2011/ Russia/ Betacam/ 14’/ Fiction/ Colour

Script:  Anna Sarukhanova;  Photography:  Danila Goryunkov;  Editing:   Roman Perepyolkin;  Music:   Vasiliy Filatov; Leading actors:   Nika Ksnelashvili, Keti Surguladze, Vakhtang Kirkvalidze, Marisha Osipov; Producer:  Mikhail Chernyak

It’s hard to predict where can lead a shooting of a harmless porno clip, when elementary forgetfulness, crafty calculation and His Majesty the Сase come into play.

Voice Over
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Director: Martin Rosete

Englisht title:  Voice Over
Original title:   Voice Over

2012/ Spain/ HD/ 9’/ Fiction/ Colour

Script:  Luiso Berdejo; Photography:  Jose Martin Rosete;  Editing:  Fernando Franco;   Music:  Jose Villalobos;  Sound:  Angel Fraguela, Diana Sagrista, Peter Memmer, Alvaro Lopez;   Leading actors:  Jonathan D. Mellor, Feodor Atkine, Javier Cidoncha, Luna Montignier Peiro;   Producer:  Koldo Zuazua 

The French voice of an old man jumps from one extreme scene to another, confused by the story which he is trying to tell us. Until he finally is aware of it.

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Director: Pierluigi Ferrandini

Englisht title:   Greengold
Original title:   Oroverde

2012/ Italy/ HD/ 18’/ Fiction/ Colour

Script:  Pierluigi Ferrandini;  Photography:  Filippo Silvestris;   Editing:   Maurizio Baglivo;  Music:   A.Cinzia Villani, Officina Zoe;  Sound:  Claudio Marani;   Leading actors:  Rebecca Metcalf Marco Lecciso Lucia Fanuli;   Producer:  Dionysia Film s.r.l.

South of Italy, 1935. OROVERDE (GREENGOLD) is the true story of the twelve years old Bianca Panarese, about her hard apprenticeship in a tobacco factory, and about her love for the fifteen years old brother Pietro killed during the protests raised against the closure of the tobacco factory.

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