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Wednesday, 19 December 2018
Feature Awards 2012 - Tiff 10'th edition
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Tirana International Film Festival
Awards/ Çmimet

The Best Feature Film/ Filmi me i mire
Siberia. Monamour/ Slava Ross/ Russia/ 105’
Motivation/ Motivacioni
A capturing elegy, narrated in the best cinematic tradition of Russian style.
Nje elegji prekese, e treguar  ne traditen me te mire kinematografike te stilit Rus.

The Best Director/ Regjisori me i mire
Srdjan Dragojevic/ The parade/ Serbia/ 115’
Motivation/ Motivacioni
For the ability of the director to treat some serious topics with extreme lightness and irony.
Per aftesine e regjisorit per te trajtuar tema serioze me lehtesi ekstreme dhe ironi

The Best  Screenplay/ Skenari me i mire
Waldemar Krzystek, Krzysztof Kopka/ 80 Million/ Poland/ 105’
Motivation/ Motivacioni
An episode of the recent history of eraser Europe turned in a clear and direct film narrative.
Nje episod i historise se Evropes gome u kthye ne nje film-tregim te qarte dhe te drejteperdrejte.

The Best Cinematography/ Fotografia me e mire
Yury Rayskiy/ Siberia. Monamour/ Russia/ 105’
Motivation/ Motivacioni
A very suggestive usual atmosphere, that bring some additional meaning to this story of loneliness and depression.
Nje atmosfere sugjestive shume e zakonshme, qe i sjell nje kuptim te shtuar kesaj historie vetmie dhe depresioni

The Best Editing “Luc Barnier”/ Montazhi me i mire “Luc Barnier”
Petar Markovic/ The parade/ Serbia/ 115’
Motivation/ Motivacioni
A really good sense of rhythm that keeps the audience prisoner of the story.
Nje sens shume i mire ritmi qe e mban te burgosur audiencen e tregimit.






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