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Tuesday, 17 January 2017
Film school : Kosova
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Film school : Kosova


- When Kosova just emerged from the war a group of cinematographers endowed with a strong will established in Prishtina the branch of film direction along with other branches including drama, acting, theatre direction. At that time Kosova had still many wounds, a legacy of the 1999, but it comes that artists insist to continue their existence and that of the art they represent, and at the same time offer the experience they have to a young generation. Thus the branch was established. The well-known Kosovar Isa Qosja, Fahri Hysa, and Ermir Halili, the founders of this school achieved to overcome every difficulty and not only created the idea but also structured the basis and norms necessary for a school of art. Present in T.I.F.F. ’03, Fahri Hysa tells that “at least four students are accepted in this school every year for every branch, among 100 of them entering the competition. During the three years of school, every student works on six fictions, two documentaries and one TV drama. This is the elementary norm to come up with a CV and to be ready to; work in this art.” Actually, the Prishtina School has signed the Bologna Charter and its programme is similar with that of European schools of this character in Europe, at a time when the school is open for all directors and theoreticians of film to hold lectures. According to the professor of this school, Fahri Hysa, an outstanding name not only in Kosova but also in Albania in the field of television and cinema, many of the students of Prishtina School have successfully attended in international festival similar with T.I.F.F. Two fictions and two experimental films of young directors coming from this school, Kaltrina Krasniqi, Ylli Çitaku, Burbuqe Berisha and Valter Luca, have been officially selected to participate in the first edition of the International Festival of Short Film.
Speaking with positive notes for the organization of this festival, Hysa also does not hesitate to say that a school of this kind can as well be established in the Albanian Capital. He said that this is a special school and has apparently not an inferiority as compared to other schools. You create better things where you live, this is the principle of our school he concluded for T.I.F.F ’03.


Burbuqe Berisha
October 2001 - 2003 / Academy of Arts Prishtina, film directing “Why Let Drugs Choose Your Dreams”, documentary, 2000, director/screenplay;“Endless Games”, short fiction, 2002, dir./scrp.; “SILENTIO”, short fiction, 2002-2003, dir./scrp.; “RELAX”, short fiction, 2002 - 2003, dir./scrp.


Valter Lucaj
was born in Prishtina. He is now in the fourth year of film directing in Prishtina.“Moda”2000; “Bitter Numbers” 2001; “The last Dream” 2001; “Spots” 2002; “Morning Noises”,2003; “Rudinointernacionalizimi” 2003.

Yll Çitaku
He graduated on the Academy of Arts, Prishtina, direction -film direc-ting. He is working as director/ came-raman/editor; “Should I Stay Or Should I Go”- award: first price in the international film festival DOKUfest – Prizren; “Maybe Just A Missunder-standing”- award: second price in the international film festival DOKUfest , “Exit” - award: first place at internatio-nal short film festival Canne-France


Kaltrina Krasniqi
She was born on 28 May 1970 in Skopje (Shkup), FYROM. In ’89 - ’90 enrolled in Oriental Studies in the Faculty of Philology. In’98 –’99 began studying Film Directing in branch of Film Directing. She has produced and directed four short films: “The Year 2000”, “The Well”, “The Winter of the Soul”, and “Mother Kosova 9/11" shown in the Film Festival 9/11 in Prishtina.




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