Kira Richard HAMEN

Italy, Albania | 2015 | 19’46’’


“Rodløs”/”Wayward” is a coming-of-age story about a 14-year-old girl, who works at a car mechanic’s and hangs out with her friends. She challenges boundaries in her search for identity, but her behaviour has repercussions that force her to acknowledge new aspects of who she is.




Screenplay: Signe Søby Bech

Cinematography: Brian Curt Petersen

Editing: Dorrit Andersen

Sound Design: Rune Sand

Music: Martin Juel Dirkov

Main Cast: Rosalina Krøyer, Frederik Winter Rasmussen, Ashcon Hamedi Nejad, Anne Sofie Espersen, Gerard Carey Bidstrup.

Producer: Gammeltoſt Aps


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