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Suela BAKO

Albania | 2015 | 14’17’’


Xhilda ( 30 ), a former dancer, and Martin ( 45 ), antique merchant, are spending a few days in a hotel of a province . They are not married. Xhilda is pregnant and does not want to carry her child. Martin tries to stop her aborting. Xhilda’s looking through the window , an other couple ( 25 &

30 ) sitting in a strange space, downstairs the hotel. The young couple and what’s going on with them, seems to be a promoter of Martini and Xhilda’s decision.


Screenplay: Suela Bako

Cinematography: Leander Ljaria

Editing: Eliodor Markja

Sound Design: Alban Osmaj, Endrit Goga

Main Cast: Ina Gjonçi, Laert Vasili

Producer: Sabina Kodra, Robert Budina


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