A Serious Comedy



Spain | 2014 | 30’



Nizar Rawi, director of the Iraq Short Film Festival, tired of never receiving comedies at his festival, decides to try and encourage the production of this genre in his country and change the idea outsiders have of the Iraqi people.


Screenplay: Mohammed Rohaima, Nizar Rawi, Lander Camarero Cinematography: Lander Camarero

Editing: Lander Camarero, Iñigo G. Quesada, Nizar Rawi

Sound Design: Ali Laith

Music: Mikel Salas, Mustafa Zaer

Main Cast: Nizar Rawi, Faeq A. Ali, Oday Rossi, Samar Qahtan, Ali Soher

Producer: PRESSURE FILMAK, Lander Camarero, Nizar Rawi, Mikel Llamosas


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