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Fiction & documentary, length -76 min, color & b. & w, HDV



It's no matter for it - who walks on it - the Turk, the Armenian, the Kurd or a camel, and about state boarder it doesn't think at all. The relations to it have mineralogists, well, volcanologists, but the speech is not about: gang of robbers kills numismatists under the canopy of sacred mountain Ararat and Phil, their victim, casually survives.

If the film is there, it is not because it has been defined by the audience, not by the producer/director, not by ratings, not in Cannes or in LA, no, it is realised through the film itself, in the context of the film, by every film, every film that has already been made and by every film that's going to be made in the future, because there is a constant dialogue going on between all films, including those as yet unmade. To recognize this deep secret reality and law of film, and to obey, yes, even to serve them - that is what I call Ontological Film Making.

(Don Askarian)



The importance of this project is measured by life of its author, director and producer: he is in the same situation as his main character, and he could be killed too. Life is normally more important than a career. Films are very important too - here the career could kill, or save lives.

Look, see what I produce, someone has to say it somewhere, so that it won?t disappear; if I am killed or chased down, then you should realise, that?s exactly why I?m doing it. The article is still writing itself, I haven?t finished it, I?m sitting here in the middle of KGB country, my name and my life are already into the third decade in their blacklists, and now they?ve begun shooting people again, in groups ? ten, a hundred, at a time? you can?t miss it, but it?s not on the scale of the former empire where they would shoot thousands.


Don Askarian 17.12.2006

Perhaps it?s a nightmare that is spreading, perhaps it?s the truth that?s murmuring; time will tell: during the last few weeks I?ve been getting feelings that are not particularly pleasant?the feeling that my murder is being planned; discussed, or they?ve already reached the implementation stage. Who knows?


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