16 mm, BETA SP, 60 min, color.



Year 1989. Rotterdam Film Festival. Farewell at hotel "Hilton". And he speaks: «Help to shoot "Confession"». In reply: «The child of two fathers, will be born bastard». Actually I wanted to say: «This lustful, voracious, scruffy lady, whose name is cinema, needs to be fucked as to... And only loners - they were less than fingers on one hand - only those who work in deep, infinite loneliness...». Afterwards, he was dying long in Armenia - asking all the time to visit him, and I was shooting "Avetik" all the time. At last, I came. He pretended he was already dead. Then I pulled out of my pocket a cloth bought in Goa from gipsy woman (all winds of the Indian ocean unable to overcome the strong smell of her genitals), and unfold it. There was a lion watching TV, there was an elephant twisting pedals... he opened his eyes a little to look at the woman's ring, who had come with me - the diamonds and sapphire were original. Amazed Sergey even half rose - and the bitch-death left us alone for a couple of hours... Then he died and there was semi-official filthy - crowd of jackals were fighting for percents from his glory... I've told myself: «After, after when a corpse will divide and carry away... ». And here the film is ready. I know, it is close to your heart, and sorry, that I'll show it to others ...



Quotation from the film


Paradjanov: - Well, we had tubs hanging in our toilet, and I liked it when they resonated. I sat in the toilet, sat there long and was singing arias. Then, it turned out that I have ballet capabilities and was given to the ballet studio. Then father who had come to the graduation, shouted that he does not want to have a federast son, as he said, but wants me to dance Asian dances. But I was not good at this - Asian dances, but, rather Saint-Sence, "The Dying Swan". And if now, at per 64, I am checking whether I can sound high notes, I do this in the toilet again where the same tubs are hanging - since tubs, for some reason, do not age or wear out but live as resonators of my fate.



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