1992, Germany/Armenia , 35 mm, 84 min, color.


"Dali, Tarkovski, Bunuel, Deren ... Add the name of Armenian director Don Askarian to the ranks of this dream team. His latest film "Avetik" is very much in tradition of the cinema of dreams. A gorgeous and mesmerizing film, "Avetik" both thrills the eye and boggles the mind. It takes you on a journey of the mind that leads to heaven or hell - a succulent garden full of bare-breasted goddesses or a frozen step of devastation and death". "Askarian is capable of producing images that are unlike anything ever seen before, yet hit you with a primal immediacy".

Giovanni Fazio, "The Japan Times" 25 March, 1995



"Hovering between the realms of poetry and history, this stunningly photographed, elegiac work-hot mostly in long takes-mixes cryptic metaphor and fantastic symbolism to tell the story of Avetik, an Armenian filmmaker exiled in Berlin. Director Askarian employs dreamlike images-a crumbling, ancient stone chapel gradually reduced to nothing by the rumbling vibrations of passing military vehicles; a ghostly cemetery of carved tombstones in which a woman takes a starving sheep in her arm and breast-feeds it back to life-to reflect the history of his homeland and shades of his own exile in Germany. In sensuous, lyric tableaux, Askarian explores German racism, the 1915 Armenian genocide, the disastrous earthquake of 1989, tranquil childhood memories, and images inspired by erotic medieval poetry".



"Askarian has a style and a message that cannot be ignored. If you see his films, you will not forget them, and you will never mistake them for a work by someone else".

Mirror-Spectator On-Line

01. 23. 2002




Produced by Don Askarian in co-production with NDR(TV - Nord-Deutscher Rundfunk), Germany and FIAF( FIrst Independent Armenian Film Production), Armenia. With support by Filmburo NW, Germany.

Distributed and broadcasted in Germany, Japan, Netherlands, Armenia, Slovakia

"Hubert Bals Fund's Support" - Rotterdam'93;



"Special Prize of Int. Film Fest." in Mannheim'92;

"Main Prize for best director" Fugueira da Foz'93.




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