I’ve seen the unicorn

Director:  Vincent Toi

Englisht title:  I’ve seen the unicorn

2014/ Canada/ HD/ 60’/ Colour



I’ve Seen The Unicorn is an ensemble feature documentary that looks at life around the Maiden Cup horse race, the biggest event on the tiny island of Mauritius. The film examines post-colonialism through various characters involved in this tradition, among them, a young fisherman who dreams of becoming a jockey.



Editing: Vincent Toi; Producer: Vincent Toi


Vincent Toi is a Mauritian filmmaker and Art Director based in Montreal, Canada. He has a degree in Film Production from Montreal’s Concordia University and a degree in Design from Toronto York University and Sheridan College. He currently works as an Art Director for the Phi Centre and the DHC ART museum, two major art institutions in Canada.


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