y2o {distilled}
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Director: Dominique T Skoltz

Englisht title: y2o {distilled}

Original title: y2o {distillי}

2013/ Canada/ HD/ 11’/ Experimental/ Colour


y2o navigates troubled waters, between suffocation and exaltation, between consummation and relinquishment, between yes and no, from both under the skin and on its surface. This work allows us to see a love on the verge of drifting, a multimorphic cell that is scattered in multiple scenes. Each of these scenes pummels emotional nodes, which are made and unmade by daily abrasions, observing the crossed polarities from which relentless loves are composed.



A media artist, photographer and director, Dominique T Skoltz practices a form a mutant cinema. Her works, which often fall into the cracks between genres, have been presented on the international media arts, architect of interiorities, she is interested in the ineffable substance of life.


Script: Dominique T Skoltz; Photography: Dominique T Skoltz; Editing: Dominique T Skoltz; Music: Milie Bernard , Dominique T Skoltz; Sound: Audio Z;  Leading actors: Vanessa Pilon, Jacques Poulin-Denis;  Producer: Dominique T Skoltz



Los Angeles New Wave International film festival (USA)-Best Film, Best Direction, Best Concept & Best Cinematography (Experimental film category);  California International Shorts Festival, Los Angeles (USA) - Best Experimental Short;  Prix AIR CANADA "Prends na Court" au Rendez-vous du Cinema Quebecois 2014;  Prix PRIM  "Prends na Court" au Rendez-vous du Cinיma Quebecois 2014 (Canada)


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